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Hello, everybody. Allow me to introduce myself. My complete name is Jimmy Martin. Please call me Martin. I was born in jakarta,  29 june  1992.  Now, I’m twenty years old. I live at Jl. yusufiyah Rt 011/01  jakarta. You may step by one day because I’m happy if my friends come over and hang out together in my house and do such a great activity. My hobby is playing football. One of my favourite team is “Ac Milan. It is such an amazing team and I give inspiration.

I also like listening Watching movie. I especially like sport and love.I like goal 1 and 2,my heart,and irwansyah movie.I have two favorite actor they are irwansyah and maudy ayunda, why I like irwansyah ? because irwansyah have handsomness when he fight in the movie and he never use standman when he play movie, and why I like maudy ayunda too because he is so funny, I always laugh when he play movie although I have watching before. Fried rice is my favourite food and coffee.

I have two brother, he name is abtariano and marcelino leonardo. I am the second child in my happy family. My mother is a house wife. I am a friendly person, so I hope we can make a fancy friendship here. Well, that’s the end of my self introduction. Thank you for your attention. Good day and have a nice day.


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